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Filokartiya - it is a science about postcard. Greek word "filo" - means passion and admiration. French word "card" - means postcard. In Great Britain they say "deltiologia", in Germany "philokartic", in Spanish speaking countries "cartofilia".

As a science, this meaning got its roots in the end of XIX century. In the same period organisation on postcard researching were established, first journals were printed, and first catalogues were produced dedicating to this topic. And, of course, first meetings of philokartists were held and publishers, collectors and post-clerks were invited to attend these meetings.

Nowadays many people believe that to gather postcards is like children`s game. People do not pay attention to them, their price is too cheap and very often people simply throw out postcards. But when centenary antique postcard, with imprinted church on it from your native city, is between our hands subconsciously we change our point of view and our approach towards that yellow paper piece.

As usual, the first pictures on postcards were dedicated to architectural buildings, historical places, ethnographic dresses and events. Obviously, this is historical value of ordinary postcard.

With First World War and photo card appearance - sometimes their pictures are unified which gave them the feature of documentary resources.