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Filosokal, it is love towards knowledge and knowledge about Sokal. From Greek word "fllos" - love towards knowledge, Sokal - town in the Western Ukraine. "Old Sokal" - it is an attempt to show the conception, historical way and contemporaneity of this small town based on the ancient facts. Here you may easily get information from such categories as filokatriya, bouquiniste, photography, painting, mapping, philately and others, which belong to one of private collection about Sokal.

Sometimes historical possessions are out of state valuables due to bureaucratism or simply luck of funds. But despite of this fact, during centuries there were people who collected antiquities and they have different reasons to do so. During the long way, private collectors, inspirited by history and love to antiquities, brought to us world history and returned the glory to certain towns, they were able to resolve some historical conundrums.

And here you may find one of them. What is hidden under the word "SOKAL"? Because it is not only the town name, it is also family name worldwide, it is also means amber in Egypt and old French vine, plus mountain in Ukrainian Carpathians bears name of Sokal... Website "Old Sokal" www.filosokal.miidim.com was created for the research purposes of this issue and other questions, for the returning of historical documents and antiquities to the town, books publishing and establishment of museum of regional ethnography.

As bird`s down from a nest, raised by wind, the same with Sokal people, raised by new times, have flown in different parts of our huge planet. Settled on new places, new birds, established their own nests -families. Thus, one more task is ahead of Filosokaly - translation of its pages into different languages of our big world. The purpose of this task is to show where we are actually, to learn town history and to get understanding of the place where to find their real roots. This work is for incoming future, and everybody is welcome to participate. Meanwhile, do not forgot — that this page is replenishing regularly with new exhibits and articles. Also Old Sokal will be modernized technically.

I would like to tell big thank you for the family of Zuravinsky from Sokal town for all their technical assistance. Also to my wife who spent her night times in editing and introducing texts and photos/objects to the website.

All photos/objects and texts are property of the author of this website. It is prohibited to modify, reproduce, copy, distribute and publish in electronic and printed manner without preliminary agreement with the author.

Any information from website may be given only with preliminary agreement of the author. For cooperation, please contact us via email. Please write to us in Cyrillic at oresokal@mail.ru or English at oresokal@yahoo.es.

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September 2008,

 Orest Antoshkiv